How to know Date of Draw/Opening of Bid for an advertised location?
Information will be sent to the eligible candidates through email / SMS.
Can information submitted in the online application form for RO dealership be edited?
The information submitted in the online format can be edited only up to the point before final submission of application form i.e till User clicks the Submit & Proceed button in the system.
Does the applicant have to upload any document while making the online application?
While making the online application, the applicant has to upload a scan copy of his/her photograph and signature. No other document is required to be uploaded nor submitted to any office of the Oil Company.
Should the hard copy of the printed application form be submitted to the office of Oil Company?
NO. The application copy is not required to be submitted, as the process for submission is online.
Will I be able to edit my personal details after my registration?
You can edit details except email id and mobile no, till the time you have not applied for any location.
Can I delete my Account (registration) / Is it possible to re-register?
Yes, user can delete his/her account under following conditions:
  • A) If User have not applied for Any RO Dealership then he/she can Delete his/her Account (registration), upon hitting "Delete Account" Button. All Account details will be deleted. After that user can Re-Register Again. If User has applied for any RO dealership (not cancelled) then also he cannot Cancel/Delete his/her account. If Applicant wants to delete his/her account then he/she should first cancel the application.
  • B) If User has Applied for any RO Dealership and the application is in any of the following stages then user will have the option in his Dashboard (Applied Advertisements) to Cancel the Application:
    1. Save
    2. Pending for payment
    3. Payment made & submitted
    Upon clicking "Cancel" Button, user will be redirected to another page and would be required to put the reason for Cancellation. Upon submission, application details will be deleted. In case of "Payment made & submitted" stage, applicant need to declare that "I/we confirm that I/we am/are cancelling this application on my/our own". After cancellation of the application user will be able to apply for the same RO dealership also.
Can I make modification to the details provided in a Submitted Application?
Modification cannot be done if the application is in the following 2 stages:
  • a. Pending for payment.
  • b. Payment made & submitted.
    However, User can cancel the application.
Can I make modification to my Profile details?
Modification cannot be done if the application is in the following 2 stages:
  • a. In case user has not applied for any RO dealership then he/she can change his/her all profile details except e-mail Address & mobile number under change profile option.
  • b. In case any application for any RO dealership has been made by user (Not Cancelled) then he/she should first cancel the application(s) and then can change the profile details.
What should I do if e-mail id entered by me is wrong?/Why I am not getting password on my e-mail?

If the e-mail id entered is wrong, then the password would have been sent to wrong e-mail id.

There is a provision in the portal that on creating the account, if no login activity is found within 30 minutes, then after that the account will automatically get deleted from Data Base. After that user can register afresh with correct e-mail id.
If I find someone uses my PAN Number by oversight & System does not allow me to register, how do I proceed?
Please contact the concerned Territory/Regional/Divisional Office of Oil Marketing Company.
Can I add Land Details after saving the application?
Yes; till the application status has not reached the following 2 stages:
  • a. Pending for payment.
  • b. Payment made & submitted.
    After that Land details can be changed only by cancelling the application and through the process of making fresh application.
Can I Cancel/Delete my application?
Yes; by clicking the "Cancel" button.
How do I see the minimum dimension of land required for an advertised location?
It can be seen by clicking "View Advertisement details" in View Advertisement page.Home page->View all/Apply->View-> View Advertisement details.
While making payment, amount debited from my account but confirmation not received, what action need to be taken?
User has to wait for 1 hour 30 minutes for the confirmation. If confirmation is not received within 1 hour 30 minutes, the user has to login and check. If the "Pay Now" button is still appearing in the application form of the applied location, then the user has to pay the application fee again.
What happens when the application money is debited from account (S/B, DC, CC) but transaction has failed?
Please contact your Bank.
In case any clarification is required, whom to contact for the same?
Please contact the concerned Territory/Regional/Divisional Office of Oil Marketing Company if any clarification/details are required. Contact details are available in the web site.
Where do I see any changes with respect to the advertisement?
If there is any changes in the advertisement, such changes will be notified in the Web site.
What is the applicability of the date for the Affidavit as per Annexure X A, XB?
The statements made in the affidavit should be true as on the date of the affidavit. Affidavit as per Annexure X A / X B should be submitted as and when advised by the Oil Company.
I have forgot my password?
Use forgot password link and submit your registered e-mail address.
What action needs to be taken in state where stamp papers have been discontinued?
States where stamp papers have been discontinued and only franking is done, name of deponent on the franked document is not mandatory.
Submission of affidavit upon selection (XA / XB) - Affidavit should be of which date?
The affidavit can be of any date after advertisement. However, the contents of the affidavit should be valid as on date of application.